Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Short Blog Because I Hurt My Arm and Cried Like a Bitch

Yeah, so I was supposed to cover the Sony and Nintendo offerings from E3 last weekend and that, but I didn't.

Why? Because I fell while mountain boarding and fucked up my shoulder, leaving me unable to update my blog for a while, and during that time, the new news from E3 became old news, but what are you gonna do?

Either way, it proves the saying 'Never put a six-foot tall geek on a board with wheels and let him roll down a hill', no?

So yeah, Sony Playstation Move. Similar deal to the Wii, only the controller has a ball at the end that glows like a pixies testicle. I'm really quite unconvinced by it. It doesn't have the hands-free innovation of Kinect, and at this point, seems pretty much like a Wii knock-off. I suppose we'll have to let the software do the talking though.

Nintendo, on the other hand, pulled off another coup. While the other big names were busy playing catch-up in relation to motion sensing controllers, Nintendo moved the goal posts once again with the first concrete details of the 3DS.

The 3DS is the new handheld offering from Nintendo. I'd post a picture of it, but there is little point. It looks quite similar to a DS.

Aside from a huge boost to processing power, a hint at the main feature of the 3DS is in its name. That's right, it displays games in 3D.

Because of its unique display system, photos and videos can't show the 3D effect which is a pity because it basically leaves me saying that industry journalists think it's awesome. But they really do think it's awesome.

I just love it. Nintendo, purveyor of casual games featuring poorly rendered cutesy animals is running rings around the competition, always one step ahead of them. It would be fairly easy at this stage to predict that the 3DS will massively outsell the control systems announced my Microsoft and Sony, although a direct comparison in terms of future numbers sold may not strictly be fair.

All I know is out of all the hardware announcements made at E3, I would be most likely to purchase the 3DS.

I just hope that E3 2012 isn't dominated by the PSP3D and the Xbox 3D60 etc etc.

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